30 brilliant brains came together at The Refillution Hackathon, armed with a load of post-it notes, and unlimited coffee to tackle 3 key challenges from The Refill Report


How can we create SYSTEM CHANGE and accelerate that cultural shift to refilling?

🧐 The Problem

When people first refill, it’s often because a friend has got them to try it. Advocacy is the name of the game, but we need places and spaces that makes that first refill easy and accessible.

💡 The Idea

A physical communal pop-up refill space and distribution system where people can come together, connect  and refill.

💁🏽 Who’s it for

Everyone. Communities refilling together, making an impact as one. One refill at a time. Washing Up Liquid, Olive Oils, Pasta..

So what do you think?

Can you see the idea working?
See yourself down the Refillotment refilling and spreading the word?

Tell us below 👇