30 brilliant brains came together at The Refillution Hackathon, armed with a load of post-it notes, and unlimited coffee to tackle 3 key challenges from The Refill Report


How can we create SYSTEM CHANGE and accelerate that cultural shift to refilling?

🧐 The Problem

With there being so many different sized bottle necks and openings, adopting a refill machine to fit them all is extremely challenging.

💡 The Idea

Create a movement of standardised refill packaging necks and openings to fit all refill and re-use collection systems. From washing up liquid to pinot grigio, you could have the same refill system to refill different products.

💁🏽 Who’s it for

The system; so that’s brands, manufacturers and supply chain to come together, but ultimately it’s so everyone can refill.

So what do you think?

Can you see the idea working?
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