Our Mint & Cucumber Bathroom Surface Cleaner unleashes the power of biodegradable ingredients to see off soap scum and limescale. Our new formula is better at removing limescale vs our previous formula, and our fresh new fragrance is smell-worthy of your reappraisal.

New bottles are made with less plastic and smaller labels that peel off easier during the recycling process. More power to your trigger finger.

  • Powerful plant-based formula
  • Never tested on animals
  • Bottle made from recycled & plant plastic

Product information

<5%: Non-ionic surfactants
Anionic surfactants
Preservative (phenoxyethanol)
Perfume (Limonene)

Other: Water
Citric acid
Sodium citrate
Alcohol denat.
Xanthan gum

Aqua, Caprylyl/Capryl glucoside, Citric acid, Sodium citrate, Sorbitan sesquicaprylate, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium octyl sulphate, Alcohol denat., Xanthan gum, Parfum, Limonene

How to use

Always test on inconspicuous areas before use to ensure compatibility. Spray onto surface and wipe with a dry or damp cloth. For tougher marks, leave to act for a few minutes before wiping. Rinse off with water.

Not suitable for use on marble and natural stones.


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All consumer reviews

4 stars

Lesley Richards

I love this product for cleaning my shower panels and stainless steel kitchen drainer

Lesley, Richards

4 stars


best bathroom cleaner. It’s fantastic, really does the job without much scrubbing


5 stars

Best bathroom cleaner

I’ve found. Plus they don’t test on animals and it’s better for then environment. I was totally stunned to see how much better it was at cleaning the bathroom than my usual brand.


5 stars

Great bathroom cleaner with pleasant scent!

This bathroom cleaner cleans well while leaving a pleasant scent behind. It doesnt leave that chemical overpowering scent that other bathroom cleaners do. Having young children I can use this regularly.

Lizzie, Bee