What ingredients are in your products?

At Ecover we use renewable, plant based or mineral ingredients instead of petro chemical based ingredients. We make this choice because the extracting and processing of fossil ingredients requires a lot of energy. It also promotes the depletion of finite resources and contributes to global warming by mobilising fossil based CO2. Examples of the type of ingredients we use are: sugar cane in our washing-up liquids, sunflower oil and sustainably sourced palm oil in our laundry liquids, coconut oil in our cream cleanser, rape seed oil in our fabric softeners.

 Occasionally we will use synthetic ingredients when we really, really have to – where it’s not appropriate to use plant based materials or they just don’t exist yet.

We always ensure that every ingredient we use is biodegradable – breaking down into the environment safely. And we choose ingredients that have low aquatic toxicity – which means having minimal impact on aquatic life.

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