What do you think you waste? Time watching reels? Money on shipping fees? Food at the back of your fridge? Welcome to THE WASTE DATABASE, our latest Experiment in Waste, created by the geniuses at @adapt_____. A place to share your stories about what you’ve wasted and to read others.

@adapt_____  are a creative studio who use design, humour and contemporary culture to communicate social issues and build communities with climate at the forefront.

Josie Tucker + Richard Ashton co-founders of @adapt_____ share their view on the experiment.

“The significant amount of waste humans produce is impossible to ignore. From big industry to local life, there are a multitude of different waste streams and systems. Waste as an issue has become so convoluted; it has become a complex problem without an easy solution, but in order for things to change, different industries need to be held accountable for the waste they produce. As a citizen, or conscious consumer, it can be daunting trying to understand the nuances of waste streams, but noticing and acknowledging these streams (large or small) is a first and crucial step. We have created The Waste Database to help people notice different forms of waste from themselves and others but also for us to get a clearer understanding of all the things that people waste in their daily lives, from produce to energy to time – it all contributes to the bigger picture!” 

Josie Tucker + Richard Ashton co-founders of @adapt_____

It’s simple, click this link, share your story and read others. It’s all anonymous so feel free to hold nothing back.