Product Recall
Non Bio Laundry Liquid 1.5 Litre

In January 2021, we recalled two specific batches of Ecover Zero laundry liquid 1.5 litres due to a safety concern.

The affected bottles contain potassium hydroxide at hazardous levels that could cause the bottle to leak. Contact with the liquid could result in harm to skin and eyes, including causing skin burns or eye damage.

The Product was sold in UK retail outlets and a limited number of retailers in Ireland from November 2020. You can check whether you have the affected product by calling us on the following numbers:

UK: 00800 0000 2655 (free for landlines, but mobile phone rates may apply)

Ireland: +44345 130 2230 (charges will apply)

If you do have an affected product, we will arrange collection of the bottle from you at home, as well as organise a refund.

Please do not dispose of the bottle yourself.

We strongly advise consumers not to open or use the affected product as it contains hazardous materials. We recommend you wear gloves (e.g. washing-up gloves) when handling the affected product, as the bottle may leak. If you have identified that you have an affected product, please place the bottle in a tied plastic bag and then place in or on a rigid container made from plastic, glass or ceramic. For example, a washing-up liquid bowl, a plate or a solid plant pot (one with no holes). Please move the bagged container out of reach of children or pets. When the product is collected, you can retain the rigid container, ensuring you wash thoroughly with water whilst wearing gloves.

We’re really sorry this happened. As a company that lives and breathes clean, we’re as disappointed as you are. And we’re working harder than ever to make things better. If interested, you can learn more here.