Our washing-up liquid unleashes the power of plant-based, biodegradable ingredients to leave your dishes squeaky clean.

Sizes available
450ML / 950ML / 5L Refill

  • Powerful plant-based formula
  • Suitable for Sensitive Skin
  • Never tested on animals
  • 100% Recycled bottle, easily recyclable

Product information

5-15%: Anionic surfactants, Non-ionic surfactants.
<5%: Amphoteric surfactants, Perfume (Limonene).
Others: Water, Lactic acid, Alcohol denat., Citric acid, Extract aloe vera.

Aqua, Sodium lauryl sulfate, Lauryl glucoside, Cocamidopropyl betaine, Lactic acid, Sodium octyl sulphate, Parfum, Alcohol denat., Limonene, Citric acid, Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice

How to use

One squeeze is enough for a sink full of dishes.


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All consumer reviews

5 stars

Eleni Kazantzaki

The washing liquid is perfect! It lasts for a long time, and it cleans really good!
I have troubles with new design though.
It’s so slippery when your hands are wet, which of course they are because you wash your dishes, and it was really hard to grab it oops hehe. The previous packing was perfect, never had issues. I am lucky, I kept one so I will just transfer it.

Eleni, Kazantzaki

5 stars

Paul Finlay

When feature I like is the narrow gauge spout at the top. Might seem a bit random but so many of the washing liquids these days leave giant spouts, and you end up using way too much.

Paul, Finlay

5 stars

Worth every penny

In my opinion the washing-up liquids are much better than a leading “platinum” washing up liquid. It’s soft on the hands and is powerful even in my hard water area. It effortlessly removes grease (no soaking for hours) and I love the scents (not overpowering, or lingering.) Don’t hesitate to try, worth every penny.

A.C, Boston

5 stars

Lovely product

This is the best washing up liquid I’ve ever used! I have to wear rubber gloves with normal liquids as they are so harsh. I don’t have to worry with Ecover and the smell is lovely too!

L.F, Sheffield

5 stars

Excellent product

Excellent product, makes lots of bubbles, smells lovely and very soft on hands, no irritation. Would recommend to friends and family.

D.M, Burnham on Sea

4 stars

Veronica Bailey

Love this product but hate the new bottle! The new bottle looks beautiful but it’s less practical. The material is too weak so it sinks in and pushes the liquid out. The old bottle was less pretty but much more robust so there was no spillage and waste.

Veronica, Bailey

5 stars

Love this washing up liquid

Wouldn’t buy anything else. Not too perfumed, nice consistency and gets the job done. New bottle is a beauty, love the design.

Naomi, Small, Richmond