Virgin plastic is yesterday’s news. So we’ve given our plastic packaging a serious rethink. The result? Our brand new Washing Up Liquid bottle made from 100% post-consumer recycled, 100% recyclable plastic. By 2020, we’re aiming to make all our bottles like this.

The future starts here.


We’ve made sure the bottle cap is fully recyclable too using plastic polypropylene. Oh yes.

The redesigned cap now uses less plastic than our previous cap, saving an estimated 14 tonnes a year from our manufacturing process.*

Its thoughtful, functional design also means the bottle can be stored upside down easily, making it more convenient to use. We like to call it upside down technology.

*based on predicted sales volumes for 2018


    The new bottle’s distinctive ribbed grooves are a great marriage of function and style. And a feat of ultra-precision engineering we’re dead chuffed about. The 450ml size bottle has 21 ribs, which is more or less the number of iterations it took to get to this beauty.

    Designed to fit comfortably in the hand, and referencing decorative homeware as well as Ecover’s original bottle, it’s a retro-chic look that blends seamlessly into any home environment.

    Capturing the heritage of Ecover as well as looking to the future.


    What makes this bottle so special? The fact that’s it’s made entirely from recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET for short).

    Sourced within Europe, PET is made mostly from used soft drink and water bottles, and our new Washing Up Liquid bottle has a 70% lower carbon footprint than if our supplier had used virgin plastic instead.

    And because it’s completely transparent, it can easily be recycled again and again. Who knew that waste could look so good?

  • Creating our new bottle was no small feat.

    We put our finest design, engineering and sustainability minds on the job, and they came up with something to make all of our mums proud. Watch the story now.


    You can now enjoy the Washing Up Liquid in 4 natural inspired fragrances, plus one fully fragrance free. Discover them now!

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