When we built our Malle factory in 1992, it was celebrated for its ecological design. Made using over 90% recycled or renewable materials. With reclaimed wooden beams and strengthened European pine instead of steel and concrete. And special low energy ‘eco’ bricks for the walls.

And that’s not all. We designed the building to let in lots of sunlight, making it a nicer place to work and reducing our need for heating. We also planted a living green roof that helps with insulation and blends in naturally with the local environment. Our flowering small succulents now attracts plenty of wildlife, including magnificent ospreys.



Our carbon footprint isn’t just another buzzword for us. It’s something we tackle head on. From using recycled and recyclable packaging to making our formulas more concentrated.

We obsessively measure carbon emissions for our footprint – ingredients, packaging, travel, utilities, manufacturing and distribution, the works. We’ve worked out that our global current carbon emissions in 2017 were 74,434 metric tons. Which, as far as we’re concerned, is 74,434 tons too many.

A zero-carbon footprint future is our bold long term goal. But for now, we’re working on getting our emissions down through initiatives like using renewable energy in our factory.


It’s not all about CO2. We aim to be recycling or composting 100% of our waste by 2020. And we’re not far off that figure today. Achieving this goal would mean that none of our waste will end up in landfill.

Clean business

Being good to the planet and the people we work with is just as important to us as the bottom line.


We’re waging war on single-use plastic. And we’re aiming to make all our bottles from recycled plastic by 2020.

Clean water

Our original phosphate-free formula helped clean the world’s waterways. Now we’re on the case to use less water, full stop.

Clean sourcing

We’re making our supply chain more responsible. Like buying local when we can, and using suppliers who share our values.


You get out what you put in. Which is why most of our ingredients are made of biodegradable plant-derived substances.

Clean fragrances

We use fragrances that are designed to smell fresh and wonderful – not overpower you with toxic chemicals.

Clean manufacturing

First we built one of the world’s most ecologically sound factories. Next stop: a zero-waste, zero-carbon footprint.


We believe that packaging design can have a positive impact on people and the planet.