This World Refill Day – 16th June – we’re excited to announce our first annual partnership with City To Sea, the environmental organisation campaigning to stop plastic pollution who are behind the award-winning national Refill campaign and app which helps people to eat, drink and shop with less plastic.

Their mission – to prevent plastic pollution at source – sits nicely alongside our own mission to encourage plastic to be reused and refilled (we call it The RefillutionTM) rather than thrown away.

We want to challenge single use plastic packaging and our disposable culture by helping to change how people shop for everyday products. Offering Ecover refills and driving refill behaviour is our first step towards achieving our long-term aim of a radical reduction in plastic consumption and helping to tackle the plastic pollution problem.


World Refill Day is a global public awareness campaign to prevent plastic pollution and help people live with less waste. Together with thousands of individuals, NGOs and sustainable businesses around the world, City to Sea are encouraging people to choose to reuse and calling on big brands, businesses and governments to take action to prevent plastic pollution by focusing on reuse over single-use.

“At Ecover we believe that encouraging people to reuse and refill is the most effective way we can tackle the plastic pollution problem. And now is the right time to drive a ‘Refillution’ in the UK, challenging single-use packaging and our disposable culture. We’re delighted to work with City to Sea, who have an impressive track record in community campaigning, in a year-long partnership to drive refill behaviour and grow the Refill movement”.

Tom Domen, Ecover Global Innovation Lead.


City to Sea is a not-for-profit that campaigns to stop plastic pollution at source, founded in 2015 in Bristol, by environmental campaigner Natalie Fée. Their vision is a world where everyone connects their actions to the ocean to prevent plastic pollution and they run people-powered, community serving campaigns including the award-winning Refill campaign, a global movement that helps people live with less waste. The campaign connects people to places they can eat, drink and shop without the pointless packaging

“Having been a life-long Ecover customer, I’m beyond thrilled to welcome them onboard as a City to  and Refill App Sponsor.

As a leader in sustainability and one of the first companies to offer refills of their products, we’re excited to champion their 650+ Refill Station and direct more of our community of refillers towards a life with less plastic”

Natalie Fée, Environmental Campaigner, Author and Founder of City to Sea

If every Ecover purchase of a refillable product was a refill rather than a new bottle, we’d save as much plastic as the weight of over 51 London buses (based on UK sales data in the 12 months to June 2020).


The free Refill app from City to Sea , connects people to the nearby places to refill and reuse without waste,will now also show you your nearest Ecover refill point across the UK – all 680 of them!

As part of the year long partnership to reduce plastic pollution, Ecover will be sponsoring the free Refill app, helping more people find locations to refill and reuse on-the-go and to live with less plastic.

So now there’s no excuse not to choose to reuse, and it’s never been easier to go plastic free!


This is all your refill needs in one app. From washing up liquid, water bottle refill points and zero waste groceries.