Introducing the Floodplain Meadow Partnership

In the UK only a handful of floodplain meadows remain, but the top-notch team at the Floodplain Meadows Partnership (FMP) have come together to restore this shrinking habitat and champion its benefits. And boy, it’s an impressive list.

Floodplain meadows can help manage flood risks, improve water quality, increase biodiversity and sustain agriculture. But the really big news is their potential capacity for storing carbon. These ancient meadows can play a vital role as a nature-based solution to the challenges of climate change. One of the many reasons we chose FMP was the scientific rigour behind their plan to measure carbon storage in the soil beneath floodplain meadows.

“This project will not only restore some of that habitat along the Thames floodplain, but will also provide important and pioneering data on whether floodplain meadows store even more carbon than woodlands.”

Natalie Fee, award-winning environmentalist and FERTILISE THE FUTURE judge

These wildflower warriors are also committed to working with farmers, as well as people who wouldn’t normally have access to nature through the CARE Farming Scheme. Not just a pretty face, these meadow habitats are functional as well as beautiful. Our funding will help them restore 50 hectares along the Thames Valley, creating a connecting corridor of national and international importance. We salute you and together we can keep fighting for nature.