We’ve all been there. Rice missing your container and now all over the shop floor. Olive oil streaking down the side of your bottle. Let’s not kid ourselves, refill can be messy sometimes.

New refill systems are making it much easier and simpler to refill. But we know the messiness puts some people off, even if using less plastic is the right thing to do.

We’re all about trying to break down the barriers to more refilling. That’s why we’ve commissioned the director and animator Matthew Cooper to create a series of animations. These playful creations celebrate both the times you get it right but also the times you can get it wrong.

They’re designed to start a conversation around the idea that no-one fails when you refill. Encouraging people to have a go, with a bit of failure almost guaranteed. Because failure is really human. And although moving to refill might mean a few embarrassed spillages, it’s so much better than continuing with single use.

Thankfully, our partner City to Sea is making it super easy to live with less waste. Their free @refillhq app connects you to places you can eat, drink, and shop without the pointless packaging.

So join the Refillution®. Let’s celebrate the refail and let’s not fail the future.

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