30 brilliant brains came together at The Refillution Hackathon, armed with a load of post-it notes, and unlimited coffee to tackle 3 key challenges from The Refill Report


How can we create SYSTEM CHANGE and accelerate that cultural shift to refilling?

🧐 The Problem

People lack the time to act more sustainably, even when though they want to.

So where do we find that time?

Family, Friends, Health, Work?

💡 The Idea

Yes, work.

We craft 4-day-working-week toolkit for business, enabling their teams to be more sustainable, slowing down, wasting less and reconnecting with nature. In truth, this could become the blueprint for sustainable business.

💁🏽 Who’s it for

Business get to lead the agenda.
Employees get to be more sustainable.

So what do you think?

Would you like to see your business adopt new ways of working?

Tell us your point of view below 👇