Ecover is challenging you to rethink the value of your rubbish with our pop up Rubbish Café.

The twist? Pay for your food and drink with a piece of recyclable plastic waste. Yes, you heard us right… drinks bottles, soup containers, anything plastic, bring it along.

Dine on a delicious, zero-waste menu designed by eco-chef Tom Hunt and experience a venue inspired by upcycling expert and presenter Max McMurdo. The café will be littered with inspiration and ideas for simple swaps we can all make to reduce our plastic usage.

So come along and be fed by us, all for the price of last week’s empty milk carton.

Join us for a rubbish time...

3rd – 4th May (8am-4pm)

25 Long Acre | Covent Garden | WC2E 9JT


We're not just talking rubbish

The Rubbish Café is part of our Clean World Revolution.

We’re waging war on virgin plastic with a series of bold commitments to increase our use of recycled plastic over the next three years. Our new washing-up liquid bottle is 100% recycled and 100% recyclable – with a commitment that all our bottles will be made from 100% recycled plastic by 2020.

Building on our use of innovative materials such as our Ocean Plastic and PlantPlastic packaging, we’re aiming to trial the use of alternative biodegradable and bio-sourced packaging that doesn’t rely on plastic by 2020, as well as champion the expansion of our refills into mainstream supermarkets. Our ambition is to help change the culture of using plastic as a disposable resource and educate and inspire people to help close the loop on plastic production.

It’s what we mean by clean.



Introducing our new Washing Up Liquid bottle. Made from 100% recycled, fully recyclable plastic. Double fist bump.


We believe that using plastic packaging just once is fundamentally wrong. So we’re making it our mission to totally rethink plastic. How we at Ecover make, use, reuse and recycle it.


We’ve made an ambitious set of new goals to do what we can to help stop plastic pollution.


You can refill our Washing Up Liquids, Laundry Liquids and All-Purpose Cleaners at Refill Stations across the UK.


It all started with an ambition for a cleaner world…