Rinse Aid

Heather from Oxford

“Very effective and, unlike some other manufacturers, not heavily perfumed so doesn’t leave unpleasant artificial lemon smellĀ orĀ taste on the dishes”

Rinse Aid

Sparkling Finish


Naturally rinses residue and streaks clean away for an improved sparkle and shine. Super sidekick to our Classic Dishwasher Tablets, Ecover Rinse Aid is quick drying and biodegradable leaving no unwanted chemical residues on your pristine plates.

Available in 500ml


Quick drying formula

Made with the health of your home in mind

Plant-based and mineral ingredients

Product Information

5-15%: Non-ionic surfactants
Other: Water
Alcohol denat.
Citric acid

Fill the machine reservoir with rinse aid according to manufacturer’s instructions. Check regularly to keep topped up.

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