Fabric Conditioner Under the Sun

Gabriel from Bathgate

“A nice, delicate fragrance rather than get-up-your-nose chemical smells of others – softens beautifully”

Fabric Conditioner Under the Sun

Delightful Fragrance


From the humble sock to king size bedding, keep your laundry soft and fresh with Ecover Fabric Conditioner. This plant-based formula is gentle on your skin and doesn’t overpower your nose. Helps reduce static for easy ironing and cuddly clothes.

Available in 750ml, 5L and Refill


Beautifully balanced fragrances

Made with the health of your home in mind

Plant-based and mineral ingredients

Product Information

5-15%: Cationic surfactants
<5%: Perfume (Citronellol)
Preservative (Sorbic acid)
Other: Water
Magnesium chloride
Dipropylene glycol
Contains process improved fragrance.

For machine washing: Pour 1 or 2 capfuls (for extra softness) into the fabric conditioner dispensing compartment of your washing machine. Run your washing machine as per the manufacturer’s instructions. For hand washing: Add to last rinse of your hand wash. Dilute ½ or 1 capful of fabric conditioner in 5 litres of warm water. (1 capful = 30 ml).

Do not put undiluted fabric conditioner directly onto your laundry.

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