Allergy Approved

Our ZERO range is specially formulated with no fragrance, no colourings and no enzymes.

Ecover ZERO Washing Powder is a soft touch on sensitive skin, but packs a punch when it comes to dirt and stains even at 30 degrees.

Brilliant results on whites and colours, leaving nothing behind but a fresh clean wash.

  • No colourings, No enymes, No parabens, No fragrance
  • Approved by Allergy UK for sensitive skin
  • Never tested on animals
  • Packaging fully recyclable cardboard
  • Plant-based ingredients

Product information

15-30%: Oxygen based bleaching agent, Zeolite

5-15%: Anionic surfactants

<5%: Non-ionic surfactants

Other: Sodium sulfate
Sodium carbonate
Bleach activator
Sodium citrate
Sodium disilicate
Sodium carboxmethyl starch
Cellulose gum

Sodium sulfate, Sodium carbonate peroxide, Zeolite, Sodium C12-18 alkyl sulfate, Aqua, TAED, Sodium citrate, Fatty acids methyl esters ethoxylates, Laureth-7, Fatty acids C16-18 sodium salts, Sodium polyaspartate, Sodium carboxymethyl starch, Sodium silicate, Sodium carbonate, Sodium chloride, Cellulose gum

How to use

Place the dosage into the machine’s dispenser tray. Remember to check your garments’ washing instructions.

Always wash dark colors separately.

If you’re not sure about the color fastness of a garment, soak them in cold water. Run your machine as per manufacturer’s instructions.

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