Can I use Ecover Dishwasher Tablets to clean silver?

“Can I use Ecover Dishwasher Tablets to clean silver?”

Unless stated otherwise by the producer (check the packaging), silver and silverplate is not dishwasher-safe. We recommend that such products are washed by hand using Ecover washing-up liquid.If you do want to take a chance, here are some tips: rinse off acidic foods like salad dressing or fruit and salt before loading as this can tarnish your cutlery .When loading the cutlery basket, avoid over packing your items to allow the water to rinse all surfaces. Avoid spilling dishwashing detergent directly onto your cutlery as this can cause corrosion. Remove cutlery at the end of the cycle to avoid it being left in a humid atmosphere which could cause corrosion/rusting. Don’t mix silver and stainless steel in the same basket as this can cause tarnishing and rust spots.

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