We’re total water obsessives. Always have been. Always will be. It all started when we saw the damage that phosphates were doing to plant and aquatic life, and launched our phosphate-free laundry washing powder.

In 1979, banning phosphates from cleaning products seemed like a revolutionary idea. In 2017, it was finally signed into European law. While we may have won that particular battle, we know there’s still so much more to do. We’re rolling up our sleeves and doing the best we can to create a sustainable future for our water systems.
The UN estimates that by 2025, two-thirds of us will live in areas where water supplies – our most important and life-sustaining substance – are stressed. It’s fair to say that we are not okay with this.


Each year we obsessively measure our Water Footprint. As our business grows, we’re constantly seeking new and ingenious ways of using less water as a company. We’re starting to research how ingredient-producing crops are grown,  launching more concentrated laundry liquids, and looking at long term solutions to influence the amount of water people use with our products at home. It all counts.

We work hard to reduce the amount of water we use in our factories. Through our B Corp assessment, we survey our suppliers to identify ways to improve their water footprints too.


We’re always looking for ways we can use less water, especially when making our products.

One little process we’re pretty proud of is our cleaning ‘pig’ – a device that cleans our pipes when changing the production line in our factory. It works by pushing product through the pipes instead of water, making a squealing noise that sounds a bit like a pig.

We then purify the small amount of wastewater created to meet surface water quality standards, working with local companies to recycle it. For example, one company uses our waste water to maintain bacteria at their biological water treatment plant.


WaterAid is one of the most effective organisations working in areas where water is scarce.

Over a two-year period, we helped WaterAid bring a safe, sustainable water supply to 14,000 people in the Hintallo region of Ethiopia. As well as educating and empowering women in hygiene, sanitation and decision-making. We want to support water projects again in the future and have further impact in improving access to water in areas where this is needed.

Clean business

Being good to the planet and the people we work with is just as important to us as the bottom line.


We’re waging war on single-use plastic. And we’re aiming to make all our bottles from recycled plastic by 2020.


We believe that packaging design can have a positive impact on people and the planet


Clean water

Our original phosphate-free formula helped clean the world’s waterways. Now we’re on the case to use less water, full stop.

Clean sourcing

We’re making our supply chain more responsible. Like buying local when we can, and using suppliers who share our values.


You get out what you put in. Which is why most of our ingredients are made of biodegradable plant-derived substances.

Clean fragrances

We use fragrances that are designed to smell natural, fresh and wonderful – not overpower you with toxic chemicals.

Clean manufacturing

First we built the world’s most ecologically sound factory. Next stop: a zero-waste, zero-carbon footprint.