We believe that business can be a force for good. Yes, really. We just need to start measuring success differently.



We believe a company’s success shouldn’t simply be measured by profit alone. The best companies also care about their social and environmental impact, as well as how accountable and transparent they are.

That’s why the clever folks at not-for-profit B Lab made us a founding Benefit Corporation in Europe. B Corp is a bit like Fair Trade for companies – a group of like-minded organisations who think there’s more to business (and life in general) than just making money. It’s like we were made for each other.



Along with our sister brand method, we’re now rated among the top 2% of B Corps globally. Why? Because we prefer to do things a bit differently. Like preferring to work with suppliers who use renewable energy and recycle more than 75% of their waste. Or expanding our bonus plan to every employee. And we won’t stop until we reach the holy grail score of 200.

Find out more about our B Corp profile at the official site here


To us, being a leading B Corp isn’t enough. We aim to get ever closer to becoming a truly restorative company in the future. Who knows when that might be? But we’re working on it.


Here’s a quick animation to explain our Benefit Blueprint.

We measure our progress through 5 metrics, kick back and have a watch.

Clean business

Being good to the planet and the people we work with is just as important to us as the bottom line.

Clean plastic

We’re waging war on single-use plastic. And we’re aiming to make all our bottles from recycled plastic by 2020.

Clean design

We believe that packaging design can have a positive impact on people and the planet.

Clean water

Our original phosphate-free formula helped clean the world’s waterways. Now we’re on the case to use less water, full stop.

Clean sourcing

We’re making our supply chain more responsible. Like buying local when we can, and using suppliers who share our values.

Clean ingredients

You get out what you put in. Which is why most of our ingredients are made of biodegradable plant-derived substances.

Clean fragrances

We use fragrances that are designed to smell natural, fresh and wonderful – not overpower you with toxic chemicals.

Clean manufacturing

First we built the world’s most ecologically sound factory. Next stop: a zero-waste, zero-carbon footprint.