What are your bottles made from?

All of our bottles aren’t just recyclable, they’re also made out of post-consumer recycled plastic. Where possible, we want to use what’s already out there, rather than creating more.

Washing-up bottles

We have upgraded our new bottle so it is now made from 100% post-consumer polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic and because it’s completely transparent, it can be easily recycled back into clear PET bottles. This PET material typically comes from post-consumer drinks bottles such as soft drinks or water bottles, sourced within Europe. The plastic used in the new recycled bottle has a 70% lower carbon footprint compared to our supplier’s virgin, non-recycled plastic.

Laundry bottles

With our new bottles, we have maximised our use of recycled plastic by introducing 100% PCR PET into our bottles (which previously had 75% HPDE virgin and 25% PCR plastic). We have also introduced 50% PCR PP into our cap (which previously had 100% virgin PP). We’ve simplified the design to eliminate any unnecessary material – reducing plastic by 64% in the closure of our 1.5L bottles by removing the spout and changing the cap; making an average plastic saving of 8.7% across all our laundry bottles.

The vast majority of our other bottles are made from a combination of post-consumer recycled plastic and 75% green PE (plantplastic®) derived from sugarcane ethanol instead of crude oil.




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