What are the benefits of using plant-based ingredients?

There are lots of reasons why we at Ecover want to use plant-based ingredients in all of our products. In fact, there are benefits at every stage of our products’ life cycle. 

Let’s start at the beginning: Where do the ingredients come from and how do we get them? Being renewable, they grow back after we’ve used them so we’re not depleting nature’s resources just to make our products. Extracting these ingredients from the environment causes no damage in comparison with the petrochemical industry, and if they need any processing, it uses much less energy.

Secondly, there are also benefits for you using Ecover products in your home. Whether you’re washing your sheets, your floors, your hands or your dishes, our products don’t contain any chemicals that can irritate your skin. And as we can achieve just as powerful results as conventional cleaning products, what excuses are there NOT to use plant-based ingredients?!

Lastly, we pay attention to what happens after you’ve pulled the plug.  Back to those plant-based ingredients – they can biodegrade back into nature, quickly and completely. 

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